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Only 11 Sacramento roads listed as the primary road had more than one fatality, with Center Parkway and Elder Creek Road leading the way with four and Auburn Blvd (three) and Carlson Drive (three) the only others with more than two fatalities.
Read More >>> Rights to Medical Treatment Source: California Highway Patrol Data
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Motorcycle Safety Tips AUTO DEFECTS Nearby Cities Can I recover for future medical bills if I need future medical care?
Richard J. Romanski 16th Street: 195 collisions Despite insurance existing as a means of protection, insurance adjusters will always look after the interest of their company first and foremost. Some of the tactics they use include:
Our personal injury law firm has the resources and the willpower to take on large, deep-pocketed insurance companies.
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I need surgery or medical care and have no medical insurance, what can I do?
DOG BITE Alhambra Blvd: 140 collisions Kerry M. DUI Victim “I was injured in a car accident. Anyone that thinks that a lawyer is going to cost too much has to know that you will not get anywhere close to what John can help you get.”
5.0 stars 58 reviews Wildfire Liability You cannot win a personal injury case right after an accident, but you might lose it if you do not exercise some caution. The one thing you should never do is apologize or admit liability to the other driver. Even if you think you might be partly to blame for the accident, do not say anything until you have had a chance to speak with a Sacramento car accident attorney.
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Southern California Location Recognized as Outstanding Lawyer in San Francisco Magazine Head-On Collision Injured In A Crash? Talk to An Experienced Attorney Today.
HAYWARD Licensed for How to Hire the Best Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Case QUICK QUESTION?
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Katrina Alaniz Areas of Practice Taxi Accident Yolo County Automobile accidents are one of the greatest causes of death and serious injury in Sacramento and throughout California. Almost all auto accidents stem from someone’s negligence. Negligence is the legal theory that if someone fails to act with reasonable care, resulting in the injury of another person, he or she is liable for the injuries. Proving negligence is at the heart of most car accident cases and other torts, or civil wrongs, such as slips and falls and defective products.
916-438-1819 2 Videos About Personal Injury Car Accident Injuries and Wrongful Death How long will the process take to complete? A matter of months? Or could it drag on for years?
TAXICAB ACCIDENTS Traffic tickets advice I think this law firm was very professional in every way. It was very easy to work with Donna. She was very knowledgeable about all aspects of getting what needed to be done. I would recommend this law firm to anyone and would certainly use them again. Thank you for your help.
Auburn Blvd: 84 collisions Marketing Resources Head and brain injuries. The brain and its surrounding tissues are delicate and easily injured in impacts to the head. When an object strikes the skull in a car accident, it can rattle the brain in the skull, leading to bleeding in the brain (brain hemorrhage) or swelling. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can cause temporary or permanent disabilities, coma, and death.
GJEL operates local Offices If you need a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento, the attorneys at Amerio Law Firm are especially qualified to handle your case. These are some of the facts that set our firm apart:
Truth is, the television ads are a lot of hype, sometimes leaving a person in confusion about who really is a good personal injury lawyer. Hopefully my website will help you decide on what to look for in finding a competent, experienced lawyer who is personally involved with your case and works hard to get you the settlement you deserve.
Instant Case Evaluator Philosophy and Style Questions Proving you incurred medical bills or lost wages from a car accident is usually not difficult because the medical bills and payroll records generally speak for themselves. Likewise, if you have a diagnostic image like an Xray, MRI, or CT scan that shows broken bones or an injury to your neck or back (disc bulge or disc herniation), this can be more proof of your physical injury. However, not all injuries are apparent to the naked eye or diagnostic imaging. Soft-tissue injuries, such as whiplash, can be difficult to establish. If your damage was significant, you should have a car accident attorney prove damages. Additionally, while some basic signs of a concussion or a traumatic brain injury can be detected, closed head injuries are often difficult to establish. If you choose not to hire a car accident attorney, you may not be properly compensated. The best auto accident attorneys distinguish themselves from the rest when they can successfully establish the extent of pain, suffering, and general discomfort caused by physical injuries. As experienced Sacramento auto accident lawyers, we rely on expert testimony, pictures, day-in-the-life videos, as well as statements from family, coworkers, and friends. These are all powerful in proving the extent of injuries a victim has suffered from an auto accident. Additionally, a statement from the injured victim can be powerful, but their statement is generally more effective when supported by other testimonies or images.
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Ph. (559) 228-3200 Understanding Employment Laws (916) 419-1111 CALL NOW E-MAIL US REAR-END ACCIDENTS We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to hiring a Sacramento personal injury attorney. What makes the Law Office of Russ Wyatt unique is our commitment to family. Russ Wyatt works with his father Raymond, and brother Peter – all licensed and experienced California car accident attorneys – to assist clients in fighting for just compensation.  The Wyatt attorneys understand that being injured in a car accident it traumatic and requires a personal touch.  Unlike some impersonal mega-firms where clients are simply looked at as dollars, the Wyatt’s strive to treat every client like a family member. Russ Wyatt has been widely recognized by his clients and peers for his outstanding service.
Injured in a Car Accident in Northern California? 14th Floor DRIVECAM AND LARGE TRUCK ACCIDENTS Recognized as Outstanding Lawyer in San Francisco Magazine
Daniel L. Koontz Class Action Sacramento’s Finest Personal Injury Law Firm FREE CASE REVIEW The Costa Law Firm Serving Sacramento, CA (Gold River, CA) Personal Injury Lawyers
Business advice Case Specific Questions Construction Zones.  899 collisions occurred in construction or repair zones within the city of Sacramento, leading to 565 injuries and 8 fatalities.
Rear-end crash The goal is to make you whole to the extent possible. No money in the world can compensate for the harsh consequences of health problems, but all the legal system can do is try.  So, that is the underlying concept in these cases, and that is the principle the court will look at in these cases, and that is how your Accident attorney should approach the case in settlement talks and/or in front of a jury. Michael Rehm takes a very simple approach to these cases.
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Driving is a privilege, not a right. It is the duty of all drivers to keep their eyes on the road, hands on the wheel, and minds on the driving task. Failure to do so, resulting in an accident, is negligence. Eric Ratinoff Law Corp has the ability to collect cell phone records, video footage of the collision or the moments leading up to the crash, and statements from people who saw the defendant that day to help prove distracted driving. We know what steps to take to prove driver distraction as well as other causes of car accidents, including:
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