San Diego 11111 Santa Monica Blvd. 10880 Wilshire Blvd. #1840 13 Recent Results Girardi | Keese is a law firm with offices in Los Angeles and San Bernardino, California. Girardi | Keese is comprised of trial lawyers, with practice areas including personal injury, defective products, environmental and toxic torts, employment and business law, and aviation law. Girardi | Keese offers legal representation for car accident cases. Girardi | Keese won the 2014 Best Lawyers’ Best Law Firms award by the US News and World Report. VIEW MORE TRUCK ACCIDENTS Toyota Accelerator Recall © 2018 by Compass Law Group, PC If needed. The Vititoe Law Group team will work with accident reconstruction experts to determine the cause of the accident and where the fault lies. We will pursue every avenue of compensation on your behalf. REQUEST A FREE CONSULTATION REQUEST A FREE CONSULTATION Nevada Office $2,782,954 Bus Accident Your First Consultation Is On Us. Anaheim, CA 92806 The discs in your back, referred to as intervertebral discs, can also become injured in the event of a car accident. Disks in the neck and spine may bulge, slip or rupture. A disc may become herniated and require surgery. An injury of this type may not be diagnosed until months after a car accident and require longer periods of rehabilitation, recovery time, and larger medical bills. Punitive Damages All rights reserved. Premise Accidents Attorney Profiles Big mistakes made when a victim files a car accident claim After a car accident, it’s always a good idea to get as much information as possible. Here are some of the things that your injury lawyer will be looking for. Sometimes people don’t have complete information but we always try get as much information as necessary. Fractures and broken bones Photographs of the scene of the accident are also asked for if taken. Vititoe Law Group, is one of California’s leading personal injury law firms. Jim Vititoe is a Westlake Village auto accident lawyer who has a long track record of success in helping people who were injured in car accidents. Our team’s experience and knowledge allow us to evaluate injuries and establish fault on the part of the negligent driver. We will frequently work with other law firms to tailor a team to your particular situation and work diligently to bring your case to a positive resolution. Sullivan & Sullivan If you were involved in an auto accident, take the time to receive immediate treatment, especially if you sustained serious and critical injuries. The primary step you must take is to ensure your safety and that begins with medical assistance whether it is urgent care, hospital or via ambulance if you cannot get there yourself. A car accident can inflict injuries to any and all parts of your body. Head, neck and back injuries are certainly the most common, but car accidents also cause injuries to internal organs as well as arms and legs. Recent Blog Posts Disability Discrimination Employment Have you lost a loved one, due to the negligence of someone else? Whether it be a hospital, or even another person, we can help file a lawsuit on your behalf to get compensation.

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Send message If they’re missing time from work, hopefully they’re able to get some kind of relief, maybe disability payments or unemployment if they’re unemployed, some kind of compensation in the mean time. As car accident lawyers, we certainly request that lost earnings and impaired earning capacity, if applicable, be paid by the at fault party when making a demand for compensation. What if I had no insurance? DEFECTIVE AIRBAGS View Our Recent Case Settlements & Photos of Clients’ Checks. Take down as much information as possible about the accident itself. For example, when you hire a car accident lawyer, you’ll need to take down information such as: where the accident happened, the lane each driver was in, the direction you were both going, the speed both were traveling, and other such information. View Our Recent Case Settlements & Photos of Clients’ Checks. Law Offices of Larry H. Parker Verdicts and Settlements Why Choose Us? Law Offices of Search this Website Search Saturday 10a – 3p 5900 Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 270 Is A Personal Injury Settlement Taxed? Riverside Media Slip and Fall Injury As the economy continues to improve, the roads are becoming more congested. No one expects to get into a car accident when commuting to work or just going out to enjoy Los Angeles’ beautiful scenery. But, each year thousands of drivers will be involved – and injured – in a car accident. Girardi | Keese My accident is something that I won’t forget. Unfortunately, my residual shoulder pain and surgical scars serve as a constant reminder. I was driving straight crossing an intersection and then BOOM! The other driver passed the red the light and t-boned the rear driver’s side of my van, causing my van to lose control and spin around. My van ended up being totaled. It turned out that the person who hit me also hit another vehicle just before mine. I was badly shaken and disoriented by the accident. That same day, I started experiencing neck pain and stiffness, upper and mid back pain and stiffness, headaches, shoulder pain, and right arm pain. The next day, my pain got worse and continued to do so as the days went by. I didn’t know what to do. Luckily, I spoke with the other driver who was also hit and she referred me to Jason Javaheri at Javaheri & Yahoudai. Jason set up a meeting right away to meet with me in person. He was even willing to meet on a Saturday, which we did. We met and he explained the process and what his role would be. After talking a while I found his demeanor to be professional and his attitude comforting, needless to say. I ended up retaining Jason to represent me and his office started taking care of everything right away. After several months of physical therapy, my neck and shoulder pain weren’t going away. When Jason called me to see how I was doing, I explained this to him. He recommended that I see an orthopedic surgeon, so I did. I was referred for MRIs which revealed that I had several considerable disc herniations in my neck and a torn tendon in my right shoulder. I ultimately had to get right shoulder surgery to repair my tendon. From the day of the accident, it was very difficult just conducting my daily routine (i.e. driving, bathing, shaving, etc). And even today, I still don’t have the confidence in my arm as I did prior to the accident. But despite all of this, Jason and his staff were there for me every step of the way. They were very instrumental in helping me maneuver through the medical and treatment process, which helped to put my mind at rest. And, in the end, Jason got me the maximum settlement possible. Should I ever meet Jason again, I hope it would be under different circumstances. But should I ever need an attorney for any reason, I will readily call Jason. Thank you Jason! Broken Bones You've come to the right place.  If you've been in a car wreck, motorcycle accident, or injured by any other type of motor vehicle, a motor vehicle accidents lawyer can help. I have been a full-time mediator in Los Angeles for 16 years and have had occasions to work with Rodney and his firm on several occasions. He has always exhibited the highest degree of legal knowledge, advocacy skills, and personal integrity in my presence, while achieving excellent results for his clients. Torrance Office The Reeves Law Group What is the statute of limitations? It’s important to pick an auto accident attorney whose responsive to your needs. You shouldn’t always be simply talking to a paralegal, or case manager. Try to find a boutique law firm where you can develop a relationship, and be kept in the loop. If you have questions, they should be answered by the auto accident attorney in charge. If the claim is a complex automobile, or vehicle accident injury – then this is crucial. Catastrophic Injury SWIMMING POOL ACCIDENTS Featured Testimonial The reason why car accident attorney Los Angeles know the world of adjusting so well is because these insurance reps have tried every trick possible to demoralize a victim’s accident claim. To better understand how adjusting works, here’s a quick five step guide: Sullivan & Sullivan Driverless Cars Lawsuits SITE LINKS We have offices all over Southern California JML Law Is Your Aggressive Car Accident Attorney Los Angeles Motor Vehicle Accident Uber Accidents: Passenger’s Rights NO RECOVERY NO FEE Another issue is when a medical provider recommends treatment and the person doesn’t go or doesn’t follow instructions. Sometimes they may not be able to go for a time due to family obligations or a difficult work situation. If later they come back and say they are still hurting, it makes it harder if they weren’t following their treatment plan. 5 / 5 Los Angeles car accident attorneys from Compass Law PC have been trained in insurance law, know what the insurer’s attorney wants for his client, and knows what you deserve. Therefore, we approach every settlement claim with your medical needs, presumptive time off work, loss of vehicle, pain and suffering, and what most reasonably juries could award as maximum damages. The case gets much, much more lucrative for victims who were vehicularly abused by commercial drivers. How many cases like mine have you handled? Jon Ritter Because of Steven Sweat, my medical support was taken care of. Plus, I had more money to spare for my other bills. Steven is not only an excellent personal injury lawyer, providing the best legal advice, but also a professional lawyer who goes beyond his call of duty just to help his clients! He stood up for me and helped me get through the process. I would definitely recommend. I couldn't think of any better lawyer than him. MiraJane C. Toll Free: 866-966-5240 We handle everything related to your case, including getting your car repaired, getting medical help, and more. We’re here for you. What part isn’t taxed 5 Liability After a Car Crash Los Angeles, CA(888) 848-5084 Your attorney should have experience with cases similar to yours. This helps to ensure that the lawyer knows the right strategy for your case. Use the contact form on the profiles to connect with a Los Angeles, California attorney for legal advice. Personal Injury In Los Angeles | Vehicle Accident Attorney In Los Angeles Personal Injury In Los Angeles | Car Injury Attorney In Los Angeles Personal Injury In Los Angeles | Auto Accident Attorney In Los Angeles
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