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There many contributing factors to the large number of car and motor vehicle accidents that occur in Los Angeles.  However, none are bigger than the sheer amount of motorists on the thousands of miles of roadways and highways. According to the California Department of Transportation, there are over 20,771 miles of total roadways, 527 miles of freeway and 382 miles of conventional highway in Los Angeles County.  In addition, there are over 5.8 million registered cars and well over 7.5 million total motor vehicles in Los Angeles county.  Incredibly, only 5 STATES have more registered vehicles than Los Angeles County and this figure is only going up as 600,000 cars are sold in L.A. every year.  On the average day, motorists in Los Angeles county drive over 92 million vehicle miles.
2013: 245 Fatalities Even while wearing a helmet and protective gear, cyclists can suffer severe head and bodily injuries from colliding with a car or truck. An experienced Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney can help you recover funds resulting from your physical injuries and emotional trauma.
Electrocution/Exposed Wires Fresno, CA 93710
McGee Lerer & Associates Our dedicated attorneys have won over $800 million in verdicts and settlements for their clients. You can view many examples of the cases on their case results page here.
Law Offices of Steers & Associates When someone dies in an accident, that person’s surviving relatives can bring a wrongful death claim for the losses that they have suffered because of the death. Compensation can include economic damages like the loss of financial support because the victim passed away and can’t bring in money for the family. Non-economic damages include the loss of the person’s companionship, love, and training.
Phone: 661-224-2004 Police Reports – CHP Orange, California If you have been in a car accident, you should speak with a California car accident lawyer as soon as you can. Southern Californians depend on their vehicles to shuttle them through busy days. Each day, the area’s major freeways are swamped with vehicle traffic. Freeway I-5 recorded 21.4 billion miles driven in 2013. I-10 and I-110 are the 2nd and 3rd busiest freeways in the nations. I-405 has 379,000 cars travel on it each day. With this many people on our roads at all hours of the day, accidents happen frequently.
Phone: 310-340-1892 Los Angeles had over two and a half times the number of accidents as San Diego, the California city with the second highest number of hospitalized injuries. San Diego had 25,436 accident injuries in 2013.
White Papers Los Angeles Fire Dept TRAIN ACCIDENTS Heavy Machinery Accidents Protecting the Every case is unique and needs to be evaluated by our experienced lawyers. If you have been injured in a work-related accident,
Although seatbelts save lives, they can also inflict serious injuries during the course of an accident. During an auto accident, a seat belt can apply force through the abdomen to the soft tissues of the abdomen and the spinal column behind. These body parts are not strong enough to withstand such forces, and the belt itself may cause serious or fatal injury.
Twitter  Home Top 5 Percent of all Personal Injury Attorneys in the Region Phone: 661-493-8057 Court Website
Case Information At DAG Law Firm, our clients enjoy the very best aggressive representation coupled with compassionate attention to their needs. Because you matter, our Firm was founded in 2001, for the sole purpose of obtaining justice for accident victims. Whether you are the victim or you have lost a loved one in a fatal accident due to fault or wrongdoing of another, the personal injury lawyers at DAG Law Firm are committed to provide you with the best representation. Tenacious and fearless, the trial lawyers at DAG Law Firm, are zealous advocates for our clients. We fight to obtain just and fair compensation for those injured or killed as a result of actions of others.
Bus & Transit Accident Our Los Angeles car accident attorneys typically see a few different type of accidents. who get results
The issue of liability can be complex. More importantly, determining liability is critical to ensure proper compensation. As such, it’s best to speak with an attorney at Citywide Law Group to determine who is liable for your accident.
Hundreds of Millions Recoveredin Verdicts & Settlements Driving Directions You should always assess the physical state of those involved in the crash and call emergency help if necessary. Make sure that you give emergency responders detailed information on the crash and any symptoms that you are experiencing. Be aware that many people underestimate the severity of their injuries because they have an adrenaline rush caused by the incident. Always request a complete examination and follow all doctors’ orders for treatment. This will help you heal quickly and prevent other parties from claiming that you are partially responsible for your ailments because you did not listen to your doctor’s advice.
Limits on Recovery If You Don’t Have Car Insurance Coverage PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER FindLaw RSS Feeds However, if are short on time and would rather appreciate a reliable source to help direct you to a capable personal injury attorney, we would recommend you to visit this yelp page for help; The link will direct you to an experienced personal injury lawyer, ever willing to get rid of your troubles and complications.

Car Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

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Car Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

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We don’t charge a fee unless we win your case. Paying for the cost of living and medical expenses during a case
English Español Low speed impacts: Car accidents which take place under 10mph are low speed impacts. Injuries such as whiplash can occur no matter what speed a vehicle is going.
Suite 1100 – PMB #396 Irvine Looking at the data from above, this is an increase from 2011 to 2015: 5.68%
Description 2018 From Our Multiple Awards Received, Experience & Charity Events for the Community.
When someone dies in an accident, that person’s surviving relatives can bring a wrongful death claim for the losses that they have suffered because of the death. Compensation can include economic damages like the loss of financial support because the victim passed away and can’t bring in money for the family. Non-economic damages include the loss of the person’s companionship, love, and training.
As mentioned earlier, the steps we take after an accident greatly affect our ability to successfully bring a claim for compensation from liable parties. The issue usually comes down to one of information. Does your car accident lawyer have enough information to demonstrate in settlement discussions or to a jury that another party caused the crash and your losses?
Farar & Lewis LLP is a law firm in Los Angeles, California, with over 30 years of combined experience. Farar & Lewis LLP protects clients who encountered motor vehicle accidents. Their areas of practice include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and wrongful death. Farar & Lewis LLP is an honorary member of the Los Angeles Trial Lawyers’ Charities.
California Statute of Limitations for filing a lawsuit involving a car accident: Motorcycle accidents View Larger Map
(800) 824-5416 I was stopped for a red light in West LA when I was rear ended by a Cadillac Escalade. I felt dizzy, and my neck and back hurt. The driver who hit me tried to pay me not to call the police or file a claim with his auto insurance. I immediately knew I needed to hire the best car accident lawyer in Los Angeles to help me with this. I hired the Reeves Law Group because I read reviews about what a great job they did on other people’s personal injury cases. I was extremely happy with my attorney and the whole process went so much smoother once he was taking care of my case for me. He did an amazing job and I’m very happy with the settlement he reached for me.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91411 WHY YOU NEED THE BEST PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER Just one auto accident can change a person’s life forever. Because many accident victims are unable to function physically or mentally at full capacity, they often require special assistance. Your safety and well-being is always a top priority. During this difficult time, our legal staff is committed to helping place each client in the best position to succeed. Whether it is obtaining documentation, filling out paperwork or providing skillful negotiation, our Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles is always ready to help.
Death Get Your Questions Answered. Intersection collisions: Intersection collisions are often very serious accidents. For example, T-Bone accidents happen when drivers run red lights and crash into the side of another driver’s vehicle. Head on collisions happen at intersections as well when a vehicle crosses an opposing lane of traffic to turn left.
Are You a Laker Fan? Info Center 6,920 accidents involved alcohol, Los Angeles, CA 90007 Robert Reeves
Jason B. Javaheri, Esq. MEDICAL MALPRACTICE HAVE YOU BEEN INJURED We Offer a Free Case Evaluation Slip and Fall Injury We stand up for your right to fair treatment at work. We Get Results Los Angeles Drunk Driving Accident
Car accident attorneys in Los Angeles knows that cases must be settled not only quickly, but accurately. But since we’re not your quintessential ‘settlement mill’, we place much higher emphasis on your long-term goals than your short-term needs.
Michael Ghozland started Ghozland Law Firm to ensure that the rights of individuals injured through the negligent, reckless, or illegal acts of others, are protected and not negatively affected by insurance companies and their lawyers. It is all too often that individuals with a legal right to compensation for their injuries are denied full compensation because they do not have an advocate in their corner. Ghozland Law Firm strives to make sure our clients get what they deserve.
The discs in your back, referred to as intervertebral discs, can also become injured in the event of a car accident. Disks in the neck and spine may bulge, slip or rupture. A disc may become herniated and require surgery. An injury of this type may not be diagnosed until months after a car accident and require longer periods of rehabilitation, recovery time, and larger medical bills.
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