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What happens during a car accident lawsuit? Premises Liability (Slip & Fall)
We represented three individuals in a drunk driving accident. One client had been killed and the other two suffered head injuries and other serious injuries. After a complete investigation of the case, we recovered a confidential seven-figure settlement from multiple defendants, including the bar that had supplied alcohol to the drunk driver.
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We would be honored to review and consider your case. Call us at (303) 563-5354 or submit your case online for prompt evaluation.
Car Accident Claims and Settlements Phone # Blogs Modesto Car Accidents “After the accident, I learned very quickly that I could not trust the insurance company. My case went to trial. I received twenty times more than the insurance company offered because of Berg Injury Lawyers.”

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When you’ve been hurt through no fault of your own, you just want a fair settlement to pay for your recovery and compensate you for what you’ve endured. This is completely justified, but you can’t expect the insurance company to do right by you—which is why you need a Baton Rouge car accident lawyer.
Denver, CO 80202 Act 632/534 Attorneys Multi-car accidents Stay off social media. When investigating an injury claim, an insurance company may monitor your social media accounts to keep tabs on you. Anything you post may be used against you.
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Our Featured Lawsuits Lerner and Rowe New Mexico, Tennessee and Arizona car accident attorneys have the knowledge and skills to protect your personal rights after a car accident. An experienced local auto accident lawyer will be able to provide advice that furthers in your best interests, based on your personal and unique circumstances.
Visit our Dolman Law Legal Glossary for definitions of common personal injury terms. Find all lawyers here Child Sexual Abuse Attorneys You may also be eligible to recover punitive damages. Unlike the above damages, these damages are not aimed at making you whole but rather at punishing the party who harmed you in an auto accident and deterring future misconduct. These damages typically are awarded where the at-fault party engaged in reckless or intentional misconduct such as drunk driving or road rage.
We understand that it can be a long and frustrating fight for justice after being injured in a car crash. With our seasoned accident firm on your side, you can overcome the hurdles standing in the way of justice. Our Kansas City car accident attorneys handle everything from motorcycle accidents to pedestrian injury claims.
Contact Our Modesto Personal Injury Lawyers 12605 East Freeway, Suite 400 The Los Angeles car accident attorneys at Panish Shea & Boyle are no strangers to handling car accident cases involving serious injury or death. We have repeatedly fought for our client’s rights and secured millions of dollars in car accident verdicts and settlements.  Among our wins include a $36.5 million verdict for a woman seriously injured when a truck hit the car in which she was a passenger; a $10 million settlement for the family of a teenager who was killed when a truck rear-ended his family’s vehicle; and a $9 million settlement for another teenager who lost both legs when her vehicle struck a broken highway guardrail. We have handled claims accidents rideshare companies, like Uber as well.
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Community Work » $1.3 Million The confusion in the moments following an accident can make an otherwise straight-forward process equally challenging. There are few things more jarring than being in a car crash, and in addition to any physical injuries or vehicle damage one incurs, an accident can leave a person in an emotionally vulnerable position such that doing things “by the book” becomes far more difficult.
Child custody Head, neck, and spinal injuries Houston, TX 77027 Baxter O. Baldwin Maryland Injury Lawyer Boat accidents Any accident involving a fatigued driver is preventable. If you are driving and feel as though you may fall asleep at the wheel, please pull over into a rest area. Although it may be inconvenient, the caution far outweighs the consequences.
“I would tell anybody who has been in an accident, ‘You better call Berg Injury Lawyers.’ They delivered more than they promised.”
New Port Richey Slip & Fall Accidents Denver, CO 80202 A police report is a necessary document for any personal injury claim arising from an auto accident.  This will not only contain information regarding how the accident occurred and whether injuries were sustained, but also witness information that may be valuable in future litigation.  If for some reason you do not call the police immediately, there is a form you can complete to file an accident report after it occurs, which can be found at the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles site:
We started this firm to help those who could not help themselves. The insurance companies have high-power attorneys on their side, and so should you. Defective products are products that cause injury due to an error in labeling, a defect in design, or an issue with the manufacturing process. This legal label covers any number of product-related injuries, including injuries from kitchen appliances, misleading health claims on food labels, and car defect injury claims (as in the case of Firestone tires). Those injured by usage of a consumer product should file a defective product injury lawsuit with local personal injury lawyers or check to see if a defective products class action lawsuit is already in place.
The accident was at least partially caused by another party’s negligence. Child custody advice
We’ll handle the paperwork after your accident, so you can recover and spend time with your family. Jon Ostroff
Our car accident attorneys are always available Phillips Law Firm
Most personal injury attorneys will retain a certain percentage of your settlement. Ensure that you are made aware of this amount before you hire the attorney. Ask for a service contract that explicitly states this percentage and keep a copy for your personal records.
While it’s certainly possible to settle a claim without help from an attorney, you probably won’t get all the funds that you are entitled to. Even your own PIP insurer will try to minimize what they pay you, and the other driver’s insurer will either try to blame you for the wreck or make an offer that sounds good but is far from comprehensive.
You have a life and you need to live it. Maybe you have a job, or a family to take care of, maybe you are a student with classes and tests. Everyone has responsibilities, so when you are injured by someone else’s driving, you shouldn’t have to take on the responsibility of handling that case on your own. It costs you nothing to have a trained professional handle every aspect of your car accident case. All you should be worried about is treating your injuries and handling your responsibilities. Let a car accident lawyer handle everything else.
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Do your part. * Just a few examples of the motor vehicle accident awards we’ve obtained for our clients include: Phone / Texting Driving Statistics 10650 Florida 84 #210
(814) 472-2611 17410 133rd Ave NE Discover the power and experience of your Greenberg & Bederman legal team. Lawyers Service
It is important to understand that if you can prove that another party was at fault for your injuries, they are responsible to cover your injury-related medical bills. This includes both past bills, which covered the immediate medical help after the crash, as well as future medical bills, which might include corrective surgeries, physical therapy, or ongoing needs for medication.
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