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Our talented lawyers have decades of experience in personal injuries and wrongful death suffered in car accidents.  We are a full service law firm that has been serving Seattle and surrounding Western Washington for years.  Successful legal representation makes a world of difference for auto accident victims.  Our attorneys are about delivering this difference and they have the experience to do so.
I was involved in a car accident that was complicated at best. God blessed with me Eric Beyer as my attorney. Although it was a long drawn out process between the two insurance companies, Eric was not only my attorney, he was my rock.
Fortunately, the law requires negligent drivers and their insurance companies to pay fair compensation to the innocent victims they harm. The legal team at Meyers & Flowers is comprised of some of the most successful car accident attorneys in Chicago and throughout the State of Illinois. The Meyers & Flowers car accident litigation team combines years of experience in complex automobile litigation with the use of modern technology to achieve the best possible results for every client using our Chicago personal injury attorney.
PEDESTRIAN ACCIDENTS Car Accident Claims Talk to a Lawyer now for FREE Newsletter – Q3 2016 Privacy Policy and Disclaimer The professionals at Berg Injury Lawyers understand what you’re going through. You have questions about the worth of your insurance claim and how long it will take to get a fair settlement. A car accident lawyer from our law firm will give you straight, simple answers about medical payments coverage, property damage, and lost wages, as well as assist you in completing necessary paperwork.
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SuperLawyers STEAMBOAT SPRINGS Durham Many people that have been injured in car accidents are unsure of where to start with a legal claim. Our team of highly trained lawyers can help to review the details of your crash and guide you through the process. Below, learn more about the attorneys at Peterson & Associates, P.C., their results, and contingency fees.
Many people think that hiring an accident attorney will mean that they must go to court.  Although it is impossible to make any guarantees, most client’s cases settle out-of-court, saving you the stress and expense of trial.  Since any “estimate” to the value of a case and/or the time it will take to settle stands a good chance of being in error, it is inappropriate to predict these things.  However, it is to your lawyer’s advantage to obtain the best possible settlement in the shortest period of time – since his or her fee is contingent on the settlement – but an attorney should never commit you to a settlement without your consent.
A victim of a car accident deserves money to help pay for the long, and expensive, road to recovery from an auto injury. In addition to mental and emotional anguish, car accident victims also may suffer inconvenience and financial hardship due to:
Impaired nighttime vision Who is going to pay for your Plaintiff was injured in a head-on collision. Winter Haven
Lost income and diminished future earnings Contacting a car accident lawyer before you make your initial puts you in the best position possible. Auto accident claims are like spider legs, lots of moving parts and without coordination you can fall. Insurance coverage is hard to understand and coordinating your coverages for uninsured motorist, medical payments, liability and collision is difficult enough before you add a third party being liable, or health insurer wanting to get or your being told that your car is worth less than what you owe. Obviously there’s more to a car accident claim than a personal injury settlement.Good people think there is no harm in giving a statement to either insurance company because once they tell the truth the insurance company will do the right thing and pay what you are asking for. However, insurance companies are motivated by (1) taking in more money than they pay, and, (2) adhering to the terms of your policy. Therefore, what you and the insurance company see as the right thing may differ. Speaking with an attorney before providing a statement follows the old saying that “it’s not what you say but how you say it”. A responsible attorney can educate you on what the insurer is trying to find out and so you can give the adjuster the information in a way that does not jeopardize your claim. It’s not about lying – it’s about giving the correct information that allows maximum coverage.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), drunk driving causes one in every three car accidents in North Carolina every year. There is no excuse for drunk driving, and its impact can be devastating to those who are struck by an impaired driver. You may bring a car insurance claim for compensation against a drunk driver in North Carolina regardless of whether that driver is also facing criminal charges for drunk driving.
A motorist who engaged in careless or reckless driving such as speeding You’re being sued by someone claiming negligence on your part. 703 North Main Street Suite A Gainesville, FL 32601 Phone: (352) 373-8000 Fax: (352) 373-8400 Toll Free: (800) 373-8000 Location Details Get Directions
Live A Happier, Care-Free Life. I am so appreciative. Teen Car Accidents When do you need to hire a car accident lawyer? Before you have a wreck. Think backwards… think about those videos that move in slow motion backwards, the car in the video goes from crinkled to straight, the girls in the video go from scared to laughing, the shattered glass goes from shattered to smooth. The wreck happens, but backwards…In that backwards scenario, you need to have a lawyer. Not one you’ve written a check to and said “hey, if I’m ever in a wreck, here’s your check, represent me.” That’s not about what I am talking. What I am talking about is hire a lawyer in your mind, way before you need him or her. Read up on what you do if you are in an accident. Look at lawyer’s websites. Good lawyer, not the clowns. Look at the good lawyer sites and know that you shouldn’t talk to an insurance adjuster, know ahead of time that you shouldn’t take blame for the accident, and know that you should go to the hospital to get checked out for your injuries. Know that you should have a maximum amount of UM coverage.
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Raleigh, NC Larger Settlements Chapter 7 bankruptcy To this end, our lawyers will: Not Happy?
Medical Malpractice Cases More… Causes of Car Accidents There is no set dollar amount for how much your accident might be worth. You might get a few hundred dollars for your accident. Or you or your family might receive millions of dollars in the form of a settlement or verdict. Such money is often intended to cover your medical bills, auto repair costs, lost income and other expenses associated with your accident. That’s why it’s critical that you have someone on your side who understands how the legal system works and who has experience obtaining the maximum compensation for injury victims.
“After the accident, I learned very quickly that I could not trust the insurance company. My case went to trial. I received twenty times more than the insurance company offered because of Berg Injury Lawyers.”

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United States Department of Transportation : The United States Department of Transportation is the federal government agency that regulates and administers all of the transportation rules and regulations in the country. This website provides reports and statistics about all of the transportation carriers, including semi-trucks, airplanes, and trains. It provides information about transportation safety and transportation security issues. The site also provides links to many other transportation-related websites and agencies.
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Broken bones News & Whether you were hurt in a minor rear-end collision or suffered serious injuries in a head-on accident or rollover, you deserve financial compensation when you weren’t at fault. While it might be true that the insurance won’t be on your side, you can count on Joel H. Schwartz, PC to look out for your best interests and to aggressively pursue the settlement you deserve.
Through a free, no obligation claim review, we will determine if you have a case and then will immediately begin investigating and building a robust case that will help you get the compensation you deserve.
GARY M. PAIGE SEND FOR HELP NOW Avoid eye contact Accidents on the highway $65,511.99 per person for injury or property damage
A driver can cause devastating harm by using poor judgment and attempting to pass a vehicle on a two-lane road or by drifting across the center line due to impairment caused by distraction, alcohol or fatigue.
Residential The lawyers at Ankin Law Office are highly experienced in negotiating and litigating personal injury claims. With the help of our attorneys, you are more likely to get the settlement you deserve.
Meet the lawyers working for you The court will expect you to know the rules and procedures,” Schnitzer says. “And the other side will take advantage of you.” MENU
Lost future income Lerner & Rowe Law Group – Criminal, DUI & Bankruptcy Locations: Jon Ostroff Combined, our attorneys have over 125 years worth of experience in personal injury law. This is hard-earned knowledge and skill that you’ll benefit directly from. While each and every Baton Rouge car accident lawyer from our firm has proven his or herself in the courtroom, we pride ourselves on knowing how to settle claims out of court through negotiations.
Connect Medtronic Cardiac Recall » Had a great response and was very pleasant. The whole process was simple and easy and had more than I thought.
Review My Case mississippi Our personal injury lawyers are known locally and nationally for our aggressive representation and outstanding results.
Free Case Evaluation » 2014 Contact us as soon as possible after a car accident to get fair and informed representation by our experienced personal injury attorneys. You don’t have to feel like a victim of the other driver’s insurance company-or even your own.
Feet: Ankles, feet, and toes can be strained, sprained or broken Colorado Department of Transportation : The Colorado Department of Transportation is the state government agency that regulates and administers all of the transportation rules and regulations for Colorado transportation systems, including Colorado highways. The site provides up-to-date travel advisories, local road and weather conditions, lane closures, construction information, as well as tips and resources for safe driving and transportation to help Colorado citizens avoid collisions and personal injury.
If your accident was caused by one of these situations, it may be possible to file a claim against the entity that was responsible for designing, building and maintaining that road. This can include city, county or state governments; a construction company; or a maintenance company.
2016 Panish Shea & Boyle LLP Every car collision case is unique, but in an area as well-litigated as auto accident cases, there are a number of factors that will have a substantial impact the likelihood and size of potential settlements with the at-fault party and/or their insurance company.
If the driver responsible for the accident has insurance then a claim should be filed with that insurance carrier. In certain cases it may be advisable to file a claim with your own insurance carrier. Our experienced Oklahoma attorneys can determine which insurance carriers should be contacted, and which carrier should be contacted first.
Question witnesses to determine the exact cause of the accident and who should be held responsible Blog William O. Bongard
Tweet New York, NY Personal Injury Lawyers What if I am hit by someone who Jan 18, 2017 by Gilda M. Call (800) 888-8888
Question witnesses to determine the exact cause of the accident and who should be held responsible
In conclusion, remember the first rule that if at any point in the claims process, regardless of your injuries or the amount of your medical expenses, you feel uncomfortable handling your claim on your own, it is time to seek legal representation.
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